Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Fresh Ideas For A Great New Year 2011 Party

Bad Habits

The first day of the New Year marks the end of caffeine, sugar, fast food, drunken karaoke — basically the end of every bad habit you love! What better way to bring in the New Year than one last binge on your favorite treats and pastimes? Your friends will all jump at the chance to indulge their guilty pleasures one last time!

When you send out the invitations, include a questionnaire so that you can find out what changes everyone is planning to make in 2011. Keep this secret and theme your party around everyone’s resolutions. Then, let your guests try to figure out whom each resolution belongs to!

Look Forward by Celebrating the Past

Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to go back. Kick off New Year 2011 by bringing back the Rock n Roll 50s with a retro themed party, complete with poodle skirts and leather jackets! No standing around with blank stares at this party — you and our friends will be too busy rocking around the clock to your favorite karaoke hits from Elvis Presley and Frankie Avalon. Send out juke box themed invitations and mix cds with your favorite 50s hits to get everyone in the spirit for one rockin’ New Year’s party!

Top Secret – I could tell you but then I would have to kill you

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting all spruced up for a New Years “black tie” party only to arrive and find the same old dull atmosphere. You know who never had a dull black tie event? That’s right, Bond, James Bond! To kick off the New Year throw a Casino Royale themed party.
Send your guests invitations marked “Top Secret” along with a little fake coinage to spend on craps and shaken not stirred martinis when they arrive. Have everyone break out their black ties, or they can even come dressed as their favorite bond girl, villain or the man himself, 007!
New Years parties don’t have to be a snooze. With a little creativity, your themed New Year 2011 party will be one crazy fun night to remember! Happy New Years!

Get Tattooed For the Holidays

A great time to get tattooed is over the holidays. Here's reasons why you should find a great tattoo and get it inked over the holidays!

1. Group tattooing : Many people are re-united with their friends and family, and a great way to mark the moment is getting a tattoo together. It's a great collective activity to do, whether it be a number of your friends or family, or just you and one other friend. It'll be fun, exciting, and obviously a very memorable holiday and time in life to never forget.

2. Showing your ink off for family gatherings! Often times there can be tension over family holiday gatherings and there seems to always be those relatives who like to brag about what they have done or accomplished in the past year. A great way to shun the attention away from them is to get a fresh tattoo to display proudly to all. This can kill any bravado relative tales of grandeur or excitement, for you will be the one sporting the fresh ink and it'll be the real deal. Any over the top, phony relative story won't be able to stand up against a permanent ink job, a killer tattoo!

3. Strong Symbolization: The holidays provide the perfect time for a tattoo, by representing the end of one year, and the beginning of another. Whether you had a good year or a horrible year, you've gotten through it. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and a great way to symbolize that is through a fresh, new, tattoo. Also, you are entering a brand new year. So as well as symbolizing a goodbye to the old, you are also representing a strong start for the new year. Fresh ink can bring you into the new year feeling strong, confident, and unstoppable.